For retailers
PVC Cling Films for packaging
Heated table or without it
For manufacturers of food products
PVC Cling Films for automatic
machines (ULMA, Automac, Waldissa, Elixa,
Omori, Digi) with optional possibility of
House Hold
PVC Cling films for manual
Using. Ideal solution for café, restaurants
and home conditions.
Jumbo Rolls
PVC Cling films in big master-rolls
for rewinding.

PVC Stretch film or as it is also called "breathable" film. PVC has long been used worldwide for food packaging. This films are a unique combination of characteristics of permeability against water vapor and oxygen and the physical-mechanical properties, such as stickiness, transparency, strength and elasticity.

Сast technology
The CAST extrusion line, in this case, the molten material is extruded from the extrusion head with a straight crevice on the steel cooled drum of large diameter, which is a rapid cooling and the formation of the thickness and width of the film . Films produced on these lines, often referred to as CAST films, they are the best material for manual packing. Distinguishing characteristics from the point of view of the consumer, is transparency and gloss, tactile softness and superior adhesion. In fact, the packing product rolled by hand on hot table is not inferior to the tension and quality of the packaging folded on automatic equipment. Efficiency (from the point of view of quantities and prices) and appearance superior to similar packaging on automatic machines
Blown technology
BLOWN extrusion lines, the melt is extruded in the form of a bubble tubular shaped head with a slit in the form of a ring. The shape and cooling of the bubble is provided by a flow of air inside and air outside. Air cooling is slower than in the first case, does not allow to achieve that level of gloss, transparency and softness of the film as in the case of СAST films. Therefore, BLOWN film lose competition CAST films in the fight for consumer preferences using manual type of packing. However, the increased durability of the BLOWN two-layer films makes them an option for uncompromising use on high speed automatic packaging lines.