BLOWN type films 7 - 28 mic


The cost of production of films CLARITY HB is lower than that of flat die extrusion CAST film, which is caused by lower costs for the organization and maintenance of the production , and prescription composition of the film (with reduced use of plasticizer).
Despite this, the film CLARITY HB are high-grade packaging material, with minor differences from CAST films:
On a roll not seen the bushing, while the optical properties of the film on the packaged product is similar to packing CAST film.
Film made by BLOWN technology have good elongation in machine and transverse direction, which is surely a advantage over CAST films.

Film CLARITY HB possess all the key features and benefits of stretch PVC films:
Increase the shelf life of products several times, due to the high gas permeability of this property is PVC film and are called "breathable". Because of this property, this packaging product perfectly preserves the look and taste of the product, preventing the spread of bacteria.
ANTIFOG effect - gives a great opportunity for packaging hot products and prevents the formation of condensation on the inner surface of the package.
Increased resistance to aggressive environments including fats. Resistant to high temperatures, the product can be reheated in the microwave.
Retains its strength characteristics of deep freezing and temperature changes.

Characteristics of products:
- Roll width from 300 to 500 mm.
- The film thickness of 7 µm. to 28 microns.
- Inner diameter of paper core is 76 mm.
- Winding to 4500 m.
- Possible use deep freeze;
- The lack of telescopes at the edges of the roll.


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